Our son has worked with many different therapists over the past several years and Adria is the only therapist whose treatment has resulted in substantial growth. The curriculum Adria developed for our son is highly individualized and her dedication and passion to see our son improve is unlike anything we've ever encountered. Adria's open, consistent communication along with her outstanding organizational skills ensure we have the most up to date information regarding our son's progress. We are encouraged by our son's progress and would strongly recommend Adria.

- Colin & Missy, parents of an 8 yr. old

Adria Leno has worked with our son Micah for the past two years. Micah was diagnosed with speech apraxia at age 2 which made him difficult to understand. Micah became very frustrated and angry because of the lack of communication. His speech problem became a behavioral problem. Adria worked patiently with Micah but also gave him firm boundaries and structure during their sessions. Using play, she made speech therapy fun and engaging. Micah soon began making progress. He is now 4 and 1/2 and is testing at age level. He can be understood 99% of the time and he can use language to express himself to others. It has been a miraculous change. The best part, is Micah's relationship with Adria. He loves his sessions with her and talks about seeing "A.D." all the time. Adria has made a difference in Micah's life as well as in his relationship with me, his family and friends.

Thanks for all you do :)

- Micah's mom

Our son has been working with Adria for almost two and a half years and we have been thrilled. She's a pleasure to be around and she's a great therapist. She gets our son in ways few others have - appreciating his strengths and recognizing his challenges. She comes up with innovative strategies to respond to his challenges, constantly shifting them to see what works best. Moreover, Adria is able and willing to change the focus of therapy if specific needs come up. We couldn't recommend her more highly.

- Josh and Anne, parents of a 13 year old (with ASD)

I have seen enormous growth in my eleven year old's phonemic awareness since working with Adria Leno. She always greets him cheerfully, asking how he is, and making him feel that she's happy to see him and excited to work with him. She's firm but kind and her positive attitude is infectious. These qualities are particularly important when working with a child with behavior issues. Her communication with me is excellent and her knowledge about the science of reading seems bottomless.

- Julie

Adria is amazing. Our daughter struggled with her "r's" and made little progress in school speech sessions, but once with Adria she could not only produce sounds correctly, but confidently and independently. Adria is focused, fun, and a great communicator. We all knew the work that had to be done and she supported us all every step of the way.

- Karen, mother of 10-year-old girl

I highly recommend Adria Leno as a speech therapist. My child has complicated speech issues, and we came to her after leaving another therapist where it was evident that my son was not making progress, and the therapist could not manage his frustration.

Adria has many techniques to teach my son and manage his frustration. She makes therapy fun. She noticed that the root cause of my son’s articulation and language issues might be related to auditory processing. She tested him and based on the results, sent me to a specialist to diagnose him. Adria then followed the specialist’s recommendations for speech therapy. My son has made tremendous progress.

I have seen many doctors and many therapists. Adria is at the top of my list. I recommend her unequivocally. She is the real deal. She will help your child and your family.

- DB

Two years ago we were extremely fortunate to be put in contact with Adria when our youngest daughter needed speech therapy and other therapists we had seen were not helpful. Once our daughter began her therapy with Adria, the transformation in her speech and articulation was amazing! It was noticeable not just by us, but by her teachers as well. While her speech therapy goals were met within the first year, we chose to have Adria extend her work with our daughter and Adria continues to be exceptionally effective in developing our daughter’s pre-literacy skills and, more importantly, is able to motivate this strong-willed child!

When our oldest daughter needed some additional help with her literacy proficiency, we once again turned to Adria who was being mentored by the developer of SPELL-Links, a reading and writing program which focuses on oral language first and then links those sounds, letter patterns and meanings to the written word. Once again, Adria has been more than remarkable. After a summer of intensive therapy, the improvement in our daughter’s reading and writing/spelling ability was extraordinary!

Adria has such a natural ability to connect with a child and find a way to keep them interested, motivated and engaged. She loves her work, loves helping children in need and it shows. Communication therapy is not just a job for her, it’s a “calling”. Every day, we thank our lucky stars that we crossed paths with this amazing woman. We are tremendously grateful for all the help she has given to both our children and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future!

- Jennifer Mother of two Communicate & Connect Therapy clients