What do we do?

At Communicate & Connect Therapy LLC., our goal is to provide individuals with communication challenges effective speech and language services at their level. We provide assessments to pinpoint their areas of need, and tailor individual therapy plans and sessions to target speech and language deficits. We build upon their strengths to address the weaknesses, use a variety of strategies to teach, and are active members of every client’s “team” working towards their development.

Why do we do what we do?

At C&C Therapy, we love what we do! We believe in leveraging an individual’s current strengths to enhance their overall communication. Further, we increase their ability to think and learn in creative ways in the present because we are building skills for the future.

Who do we see?

We provide services for individuals aged 18 months and older with a wide range of communication abilities and needs, including:

What are some of the programs we use?

Where and when does therapy take place?

We offer services on the North Side of Chicago and in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago. Treatment can take place at our warm and inviting office space in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood, at your child’s school, or in the comfort of your home. The availability of travel sessions will be dependent on the schedule of our therapists, but we strive to create the best possible environment to maximize communication opportunities.

Morning, afternoon, and evening times are available. Typically weekly sessions are scheduled in 60-, 90-, or 120-minute slots. Please note that afternoon and evening spots (3:00-7:00 p.m.) are highly coveted and fill up quickly. Please inquire if you have specific questions about timing and location.